Media Release: Tasmania’s Logging Burn Season Must End – Bob Brown Foundation

Bob Brown Foundation is calling for an urgent halt to the controversial practice of post-logging incineration of native forests as the alert level increases to ‘advice’ on the out-of-control logging burn in the Styx Valley. Last night, a witness encountered distressed wildlife in Australia’s largest temperate rainforests in this logging burn in the Tarkine.

“Our activists are in the Tasmanian forests documenting the atrocity of the native forest logging industry burn season.  Last night in takayna / Tarkine, one of our photographers witnessed the distress calls of ring-tailed possums in the Tarkine forests that were burnt by Sus Timber Tasmania yesterday. On Tuesday morning, we uncovered the out-of-control Styx logging burn that has now grown to 200 hectares and is costing taxpayers resources every day.

It is time these logging burns were consigned to the history books of shame. As urban Tasmania feels the impact of these burns, it is scandalous that Sus Timber Tasmania is still trying to appeal to work cooperatively with the public. The climate and Tasmanian public, environment and wildlife have suffered from this practice for decades and have had enough.”

“Tragically, Australia’s largest temperate rainforests are being converted into tree farms in Tasmania and after flattening the rainforests, these burns are decimating ancient ecosystems, threatening rare and endangered wildlife. We have concerns this fire, which was started in Rapid River coupe RD016B, is now burning intact forests.”  

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  • Adam Burling
    published this page in Media Releases 2021-03-12 16:04:01 +1100