Media Release: Tasmania ushering in Malaysian timber giant to destroy rare forests

The EPA has become the Everything Passes Anyway gateway, ticking off environmentally damaging projects regardless, Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said today.

This EPA tick-off for a veneer plant at Georgetown makes it clear particulate matters and fumes will be permitted when it should be a requirement in 2019 that such a factory be emissions-free.

Then the EPA shrugs its shoulders about the potential impact on native forests, wildlife and waterways with a ‘that’s nothing to do with us’ carelessness.

The real problem is the Hodgman government, which has no integrated way of ensuring projects like this veneer mill are truly free of environmental impact.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has concluded its assessment of a proposal by Patriarch and Sons for a ‘wood processing works in the form of a veneer and plywood mill, and a woodchip mill at an existing industrial site at 17 Bell Bay Road, Bell Bay in the George Town municipality’.

Patriarch and Sons, green-washed as a Western Australian company, has been established by one of Malaysia’s most disreputable logging companies, Shin Yang. Shin Yang have been responsible for wholesale destruction of intact rainforests, illegal logging, aggressive palm oil expansion and human rights violation, all documented by international environment and social justice organisations.  

This company is not welcome in Tasmania and their application to build this timber plant and woodchip mill should be refused, Jenny Weber said.

Tasmania’s unique native forests and rare and endangered wildlife are already suffering under the pressures of a Malaysian timber giant, Ta Ann. To usher another industrial behemoth from the troubled jungles of Borneo into Tasmania, will entrench our state further into massive forest losses and a shameful association with corruption and human rights abuses, Jenny Weber said.

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  • Kathleen Green
    commented 2019-03-28 16:05:35 +1100
    Just outright stupidity to approve the veneer plywood mill which uses formaldehyde glue, by Malaysian company Patriarch & Sons. The parent company, Shin Yang has a shocking history of human rights abuse and environmental damage, and their products now banned in some countries. The company will manufacture plywood from native forests and it is suspected that the government will open forest reserves to them.
    The government promotes eco-tourism and a clean, green image. Nothing green or clean about the mill, Which politician will have a job with the company after leaving politics? The deal reeks of corruption and it is against a trend overseas to transition to products made from sustainable sources.
    I live opposite Bell Bay and it is already noisy and dusty. This will increase as will the number of log trucks travelling in the area.
    Is the Foundation starting a petition? I like to help collect signatures,
  • D Charles Mills
    commented 2019-03-12 19:21:44 +1100
    Share your concerns about the owners integrity and environmental standards.

    However if these products are to endup in longlife construction that is good for carbon lockup.

    Other concerns are: What political donations have come from these associated companies, and what subsidies has the company been granted from our resources?