Media Release: Ta Ann dumps Huon and issues Tasmania a Tarkine ransom note. “Pay taxpayers of Tasmania back $44 million establishment money”: BBF.

Bob Brown Foundation has called for protection of all Tasmania’s native forests after Ta Ann announced the closure of their Huon mill.

“Without Ta Ann driving the logging of native forests, including critical Swift Parrot habitat, it’s time to move the industry out of native forests,” Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“Instead, Ta Ann is saying ‘give us the Tarkine forests on a plate or we will leave!’ It’s a disgusting ransom. That’s after Ta Ann received $44 million of taxpayers’ money to set up here.”

“We expect this means an end to their wood supply agreement,” Jenny Weber said

“This is a monumental opportunity to start protecting the native forests and all critical habitat for the Swift Parrot in the southern forests and east coast of Tasmania,” she said.

“Turn this moment into permanent end to native forest logging.”

“Since 2006, I have worked to move Ta Ann, a notorious Borneo logging giant, out of Tasmania. Their practices are deplorable in Sarawak and they have greenwashed their destructive logging in Sarawak and here in Tasmania.”

“They remain in Tasmania’s northwest, threatening forests in takayna / Tarkine, and old growth forests and endangered species habitat elsewhere, like Wentworth Hills. We will continue to campaign against their logging of native forests and notorious operations as a global palm oil giant,” Jenny Weber said.

"This multinational logger should leave and give the Tasmanian people back the $44 million that Lennon Labor gave it to set up here,” Bob Brown said.

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