Media Release: Tasmanian Timber national prize cheat.

The publicly-funded Tasmanian Timber Promotion Board has laden the nation’s architects with deceptive information that is being challenged by Bob Brown Foundation.

The Sydney-based magazine Architecture and Design is hosting national architecture awards this Thursday night with Tasmanian Timber funding the category of ‘multiple dwelling’ following a full page article which Bob Brown says is an outrageous misrepresentation of Tasmanian forest logging.

“This is the Gutwein government using the TTPB as a front to misrepresent Tasmanian the ugly logging and incineration of native forests and wildlife as a beautiful thing,” Brown said in Hobart today.

The Tasmanian Timber claim that ‘From harvesting somewhere in the region of 1 million cubic metres of timber each year in the early 1970s, Tasmania now produces only 127,000 cube across the entire state - becoming a boutique industry with a sharp focus on sustainability and quality over quantity’ is false.

Forestry Tasmania trading as Sustainable Timber Tasmania says in its 2019/20 report that ‘Nearly 1.6 million tonnes of wood produced including 119,000 cubic metres of high-quality eucalypt sawlogs and over 7,900 cubic metres of special species timbers.’ Far from ‘boutique’, this is a monster of Tasmania’s natural environment.

"As logging of Swift parrot nesting sites and Tasmanian Devil habitat shows, Tasmanian Timber’s statement to architects that ‘Forest Practices Authority ... have teams of auditors combing the production forest for areas of environmental significance and cordoning them off’ is either false or ineffective,” Bob Brown said.

“Last weekend two Forestry Watch volunteers inspected a coupe in the Swift Parrot core breeding range with excellent Swift Parrot foraging areas and found illegally harvested Swift Parrot habitat trees. Not only are the prescriptions insufficient in preventing the decline of the Swift Parrot, Sus Timber Tas can’t even abide by the deficient rules and cannot guarantee that timber sold is not from habitat for critically endangered species. This highlights the need for more stringent regulations for the protection of our threatened species,” Forestry Watch spokesperson, Jack O’Hare said.

“Tasmanian Timber’s claim that ‘everything that is harvested is already regenerated’ is sheer nonsense which has no place in a reputable trade magazine. As is ‘the other key aspect of the industry’s sustainability journey - nothing goes to waste’ - refuted by STT’s huge smoke plumes rising each year from the millions of tonnes of forest left to waste and incinerated on the forest floor,” Bob Brown said.

“We will reach Australia’s architects and designers with the truth that there is enough plantation timber to meet this nation’s needs and the logging and incineration of what’s left of Tasmania’s native forests and wildlife habitats is unsustainable, archaic and will cease,” Brown said.



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