Media Release: Tasmania’s Government still logs Swift Parrot habitat

Bob Brown Foundation is calling for urgent action from the State and Federal Government to protect the critically endangered Swift Parrot and all its habitat.

“Tasmania is down to the last remnants of Swift Parrot habitat and the logging of this critically endangered species habitat is not stopping despite the urgent need to curb the species decline to extinction,”  Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber said.

“Tasmania’s logging agency should have released a logging plan in 2020 that removed all native forests from logging, including the habitat for the critically endangered Swift Parrot. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature recommended such logging stop five years ago when it listed the parrot as critically endangered,” Jenny Weber said.

“The Tasmanian Government is choosing to catapult the fastest parrot on Earth to extinction. The relentless logging of Tasmania’s southern forests for woodchips and timber is driven by the requirements of the controversial Borneo logging company Ta Ann,” Jenny Weber said.

“Today’s attention to the 2019 logging of vital Swift Parrot habitat in forest coupe DN007C west of Judbury and neighbouring proposed logging of DN007B is a shameful example of Tasmania’s logging agencies logging Swift Parrot habitat despite written formal advice by experts that these forests are critical to Swift Parrot survival,” Jenny Weber said.

“Swift Parrot expert Dr Matt Webb gave advice to the Forest Practices Authority that stated logging of DN007B will result in the loss of nesting and foraging habitat in an area that has already been heavily impacted by logging.  This advice is enough to take the coupe out of the permanent logging zone and place in secure conservation reserve,” Jenny Weber said.

“The planned logging in DN007B, that has been approved with the release of STT's new logging plans this week, appears to mirror an alarming pattern of serious systemic failures in the protection of the Swift Parrot, with the support of the logging of critical breeding habitat for the parrot by senior decision-makers within DPIPWE, against their own experts’ advice. This problematic pattern was documented in a 2015 report by environmental groups,” Jenny Weber said.

“In this era of mass extinction and the climate emergency, all native forests need urgent protection from logging and critically endangered habitat logging is an outrage,” Jenny Weber said.

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