Media Release: Jack Mundey ‘inspirational’ for coming generations.

“Australia and the world retains a brilliant green legacy from the life of Jack Mundey. Jack’s ‘green bans’ combined environmental and social justice and gave rise to the name ‘Green parties’, from Germany to Australia, now transforming global politics,” Bob Brown said today.

“Jack was a thoughtful man who made a stand against the corrupt Twentieth Century politics tearing down heritage buildings and evicting poor people to build glass hotels and apartment buildings for the rich. His union’s ‘green bans’ captured worldwide attention. He was a peaceful and very courageous social revolutionary. He set a standard for the much greater social upheavals which the Twenty-First Century will see, as the climate emergency, overpopulation and the widening gap between rich and poor create turbulence and self-inflicted hardship on a finite planet unable to provide for everyone’s greed.”

“Jack was an inspiration for the successful Franklin River blockade in 1982.”

“The world has lost his presence but that inspiration will live on and be critical for the coming generations,” Brown said.

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