Media Release: Conservationists refuse to negotiate with loggers - Police arrive

This morning, Police have arrived at BO092C to remove Tarkine Defenders. Two trees sits are in place and 4 people are attached to bulldozers while thirty members of the community are at the blockade.

Bob Brown Foundation, and the citizens who are currently occupying the BO092C coupe in takayna / Tarkine, refuse to cease protest activity as requested by Sus Timber Tasmania.

Responding through this media statement to Sus Timber Tasmania’s request, “We will not negotiate. We want permanent Tarkine protection and are willing to continue to fight for takayna / Tarkine. We want a return to Aboriginal ownership for takayna / Tarkine and traditional owners need to be consulted about the current logging of these ancient wild landscapes and the rest of takayna. We are committed to this campaign to defend and protect takayna / Tarkine and support around the globe is increasing for this wild, ancient place.” This statement was prepared by campaigners and Tarkine Defenders on the frontline, working together for the protection of takayna / Tarkine.

“To Sus Timber Tasmania, we say no. The logging in this coupe should never have happened and it has destroyed tall eucalyptus forests and rainforests that are globally rare. All native forests across Tasmania need to be protected. Tree sits are located high in the canopy, 55 metres above the forest floor, with an on ground occupation that will remain in BO092C,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber said.

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