Media Release: Tasmanian Loggers abandon Tarkine forest before finishing – Timber too contentious

Bob Brown Foundation has received a letter from the Tasmanian Government logging agency, Sus Timber Tasmania this morning to say that logging is not going to continue in a Tarkine coupe where Tarkine Defenders have established an occupation.
 “Today sixty community members have occupied the Tarkine forests of BO092C to highlight the ongoing loss of world heritage value forests and rich carbon stores. Our occupation of these forests has successfully forced the loggers to abandon further destruction of these remarkable ancient forests and we will stay in these ancient forests until the last machine is out,” Dr Lisa Searle, Bob Brown Foundation’s organiser in the forests said.


“Sus Timbers Tasmania has logged less than 5 hectares of a 28 hectare coupe and ancient rainforests and tall eucalyptus forests remain intact and in need of urgent secure protection. Rainforest species and tall eucalyptus trees that are hundreds of years old and habitat for wildlife have been cut in this coupe and the likely recipients of the timber, Ta Ann Tasmania and Britton Timbers, have a conflict-source timber destined for their customers. The great crime of this logging coupe is that ancient forests are still being woodchipped at a cost to the environment, climate, and economy,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber said.
 “Sus Timber Tasmania knows the forests of takayna / Tarkine are a conflict-source wood and too contentious to continue their outrageous logging assault. There is no social licence for logging in Tasmania’s Tarkine or anywhere in the intact native forests of Tasmania. This is an age of climate emergency and extinction crisis, intact forests play a vital role in mitigating these impacts. It is long overdue that Tasmania’s government move on from their archaic and damaging practice of logging native forests,” Jenny Weber said.

“A huge amount of damage has been done in these ancient takayna / Tarkine old growth forests. We want to make sure not another tree is cut down in these forests. This is one of the last remaining cool temperate rainforests in the world and any intact forests we have left are worth protecting. We are hearing a huge number of wildlife here in the remaining forests that are scheduled for logging and Premier Gutwein needs to urgently protect these carbon stores that are richly biodiverse,” Dr Lisa Searle said.

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  • Monique Monnier
    commented 2020-02-13 17:16:46 +1100
    Fantastic news! Community power! Congratulations!