Media Release: Six women activists charged after courageous environmental protest this morning in Tasmania’s north west

Three women were arrested this morning for trespass including Rose Sheehan who locked onto a ladder at the Burnie Wharf preventing the arrival of a ship destined to berth to transport ore from takayna / Tarkine. Elsewhere in Burnie where the ore is being stored to transport to the ship, another three women were arrested after participating in nonviolent direct action, including Colette Harmsen, Viola Barnes and Claire Brownhill.

“Our campaign continues to raise the alarm about the ongoing destruction of one of Tasmania’s forgotten treasures, takayna / Tarkine. We are not going to back down on this internationally significant battle for an intact carbon sink that provides critical habitat for rare and endangered species,” Bob Brown Foundations Jenny Weber said.

“Venture minerals has its sight set on a new underground mine at Mt Lindsay. Threatening world heritage value vast tracts of takayna rainforests that are 'reserved' but available for mining. Mt Lindsay is very accessible for tourism and has rainforest, waterfalls and scenic open buttongrass plains. It is a delightful part of the Tarkine which should be listed for World Heritage not tin mining,” Jenny Weber said.

“Venture Minerals will siphon most of the profits from ruining Mt Lindsay’s naturalness out of Tasmania. When Tasmania would reap far greater benefits from secure protection of Mt Lindsay and all the threatened rainforests of takayna,” Jenny Weber said.

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