A group of eight Tasmanians has today joined day 24 of protests in takayna/Tarkine. Including six former university football players from the '70s are reclaiming the public forests that have been shut down by the mining company MMG by walking down the road.

The group includes former Tasmanian Greens politician Paul "Basil" O'Halloran.

"In a climate crisis world, Tasmania is looking at allowing the clearing of a massive amount of rainforest for a Chinese state-owned company to dump toxic waste from a mine", said Mr Paul Costin.

Steve Smith said: “Everyone should be outraged by what is happening to the Tarkine rainforest for short term profit. I see this as a call to arms similar to the Franklin blockade 39 years ago.”

Penguin businessman, Terry "Ossie" Owens said: “I’ve just realised the Tarkine is the biggest temperate rainforest in Australia and needs protecting for my grandchildren. My parents arrived from England 75 years ago to this safe country: Australia with a wonderful environment. So it's time for me to look after it. I’m also disillusioned that a mining company can go into the Tarkine before federal approval given and are destroying it right now”.

Geard Leary said: “I came to support other folk down here but I have been bringing my geography students into the Tarkine over last 12 years and I’m aware of the significance of this the largest temperate rainforest in Australia. I can’t see any reason why native rainforest should be destroyed when other options are available. I do understand the importance of protecting this area”.

"Citizens are rallying to the defence of this incredible and ancient rainforest landscape. Paul and this group of university football friends are the latest of many who have come to stand in defiance of this destruction", said takayna/Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

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