Media Release: Brown embarrassed by ‘tribute’ flop.

Former Greens leader and environmentalist Bob Brown says he is embarrassed for Matt Canavan that fewer than 100 people turned up at his ‘Tribute to Bob Brown’ Rally at Clermont today. The event marks 18 months since the Bob Brown Foundation’s Stop Adani Convoy of 400 people was hosted in Clermont by the Wangan and Jagalingou Family Council.

"Canavan’s event was a flop. There were more millionaires than miners. A good number of his previous supporters are looking at the growing carnage of the climate emergency and have decided to vote Green," Brown said in Hobart today after addressing 200 people wanting to save the critically endangered Swift Parrot by ending old growth logging of its nesting sites in Tasmania. "His coal mine threatens the Black-throated finch with extinction but we are working to save it and the Swift Parrot from extinction.”

“Though they stopped live-streaming the Clermont pub event before Clive Palmer came on, Canavan needs a few extra tips on how to run a public event,” Brown said.

“I’ll wise Matt up when he makes good his commitment to debate the Adani mine with me in Hobart Town Hall, though I’m not holding my breath,” Brown said.


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