The Bob Brown Foundation is calling on the federal and all state and territory governments to end logging, clearing, and all other forms of native forest and woodland destruction as a proven way to curb Australia’s woeful greenhouse gas emissions.

“Protecting what’s left of this nation’s forests and woodlands is not only a fast-track to preventing the release of greenhouse gases, it protects a vital carbon store and builds resilience in our ecosystems. It can be done immediately,” Bob Brown said today.

“The wet eucalypt forests and rainforests of Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, and Western Australia hold as much or more carbon per hectare as the Amazon forests. These are among the most carbon-rich forests on Earth. They are also vital habitat for rare and endangered birds and animals at a time when loss of biodiversity is the twin peril with global warming which we humans have created for our beautiful planet. Action to save Australia’s forests and woodlands is instantly available: it simply means putting away the chainsaws and bringing in forest managers. We have more than enough plantations to meet our timber needs,” Brown said.

“The IPCC report is stark. We are at or over global warming tipping points. Now is not the time to give up the fight or give in to despair. We can make it less worse than it otherwise will be. It is time to adopt Antonio Gramski's advice, 'Pessimism of the mind, optimism of the will.' We are determined to end fossil fuel extraction and native forest logging and we won’t stop until we do," said Christine Milne.

“In the absence of government action, we call on all Australians to come to the aid of our forests and wildlife: action beats depression. We will see a lot more peaceful civil defence of the forests and woodlands if the clods in power continue to fail,” Brown said.

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