Media Release: Tawdry bankruptcy spectacle shames Australia, says Brown

Billionaire Gautam Adani’s bankruptcy charge against Galilee Basin Traditional Owner and Elder Adrian Burragubba is an outrage against Australian decency, Bob Brown said this afternoon.
Brown, former leader of the Australian Greens, said that Adani’s self-proclaimed ‘attack-dog’ lawyers were being used to punish an Aboriginal elder for peacefully defending his homeland. ‘That Adani is using the Australian legal system for this foul purpose shames our nation,’ Brown said.
‘Gautam Adani, who snuck covertly in and out of Queensland in his private jet just a fortnight ago, did not have the guts to be in the court today to defend his own actions. The media would have dished him up. This action against Mr Burragubba will help to open the public’s eyes to what a coercive, brutal company Adani runs. This parallels his heartless eviction of people near the Bangladeshi border to build his tax-free Indian power station to burn the second-rate Queensland coal,’ Brown said.
‘Where, in government circles, is the fair-minded politician willing to call this tawdry bankruptcy spectacle out?,’ Brown asked.

Adam Burling, [email protected]

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  • Donna Gear
    commented 2019-07-25 03:00:41 +1000
    It’s about time that the Government end this once & for all!!
  • Jean Illingworth
    commented 2019-07-10 22:14:35 +1000
    This is shocking. Cannot believe this is happening in Australia. What have the politicians done to destroy this country?
  • Anna Kearney
    commented 2019-07-10 21:09:33 +1000
    Marbo land rights before mining rights!