Media Release: Protests continue as conservationists declare a national rainforest crisis in Tasmania

This morning more than 40 members of the community will be joining the 20 already occupying a logging area in takayna / Tarkine

Bob Brown Foundation has today released a compelling photographic essay of the Tarkine Defenders who are occupying the tall eucalyptus forests in the south of takayna / Tarkine where logging has been destroying these ancient ecosystems and Bob Brown Foundation is calling for secure protection of the remaining forests and an immediate halt to the proposed logging.

“Premier Gutwein needs to remove the logging machines from takayna / Tarkine and end the logging,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber said.

“Australia’s largest temperate rainforest is under an unprecedented assault.  Never have we seen such wanton destruction of rainforests in this age of a climate emergency, last time we saw this type of logging was in January 2018.  Since Tasmania’s Government destroyed rainforests in takayna in January 2018, Australia has been reeling from the biodiversity and climate crisis and worse is to come as our planet heats up.  Logging of rainforests and native forests in takayna / Tarkine is a national crisis,” Jenny Weber said.

“Tarkine Defenders have been occupying these forests since Friday after discovering the logging of forests just north of the Pieman river. Two tree-sits are in place in tall eucalyptus trees that are threatened by logging and many people are on the ground staging a peaceful intervention to the logging,” Jenny Weber said

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