Iconic Australian writer and musician Shane Howard joined 50 people in takayna/Tarkine today to stage a protest concert on the contentious road into Chinese state-owned MMG proposed tailings dam site.

“I’m inspired by the dedication of everyday people to take such a strong stand to protect the Tarkine/takayna from desecration in the same way they did with the Franklin River in the 1980’s,” said Shane Howard.

“What’s at stake here is unspeakably magnificent old growth forest. It should not be sacrificed for 25 million cubic tons of toxic, acidic tailings. It’s the 21st century. We have to do better. Sussan Ley must act to protect the majesty of these forests,” Shane Howard said.

“It’s NAIDOC week and the theme for this year is, ‘Heal Country’. What MMG are proposing for takayna/Tarkine is the absolute opposite, particularly as there are a number of viable alternatives,” Shane Howard said.

“MMG’s current proposal is the ‘lazy and greedy’ option and nowhere near world’s best practice. By going down this path the Chinese state-owned MMG faces the very real risk of bringing shame to the Chinese people, a government who are signatories to the World Heritage Convention are threatening World Heritage value forests,” Shane Howard said.

“What is clear to me from my visit today, is that this is only just the beginning. I saw the young and old passionate people there today it gave me hope - this campaign will be the ‘Franklin’ of this generation,” Shane Howard said.

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