Media Release: NSW Koala legislation will fast track their extinction.

New legislation to be submitted to the NSW upper house tomorrow severely threatens the future of Australia's koala.

“The bill, submitted by the National party, will remove critical environmental protections on private land allowing loggers and developers free reign to clear koala habitat. Ignoring an Upper House inquiry in June this year which found that koalas will become extinct by 2050 unless urgent government action is taken to protect this iconic species,” said Doro Babeck, Campaign Organiser Bob Brown Foundation.

"Koala’s are on the brink of extinction and this bill needs to be defeated in the Upper House. If passed, the NSW government will send the koala to extinction in the state — this bill needs to be thrown out.

Each day a decision is made to push ahead with development approvals, mining and land clearing in koala habitat, koalas die. The Brandy Hill Quarry decision in Port Stephens will see 65 hectares of prime koala habitat gone. The Figtree Hill development in Campbelltown is killing koala habitat for the healthiest koala colony in our state. In the Coffs Harbour hinterland we see private forests where koalas are present, logged for wood chips. Koalas are dying everywhere. And this bill will erase any hard fought protection over the last decade, which was not even enough to stop them from becoming extinct," said Doro Babeck.

"The global community has given generously during the bush fire crisis to help local wildlife, including the koala, after witnessing them burning alive across social media. Now communities across the globe will hear that we are accelerating logging in remaining healthy forests for toilet paper production. This is a global let down, resonating among koala lovers across the world. NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, claims she will not let the koala become extinct, yet she makes all these decisions which will fast track their demise," concluded Ms Babeck.


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