Media Release: Bob Brown Foundation to take on industrial salmon

Bob Brown Foundation is expanding its leading environmental advocacy from the ecosystems on land to the Tasmanian oceans and coasts as we embark on a dedicated campaign to rescue the public commons from industrial salmon. Tasmania’s marine environment is suffering from devastating impacts from industrial salmon and needs protection and restoration.

“Our Foundation will be taking action to protect Tasmania’s oceans, coastlines, and riverine ecosystems. We will have a Seal Hotline, for people to report on Big Salmon and their devastating impacts on wildlife and the environment. We will be in the markets, on the streets, and out on the ocean rescuing the public commons off the corporations,” Bec Howarth, Bob Brown Foundation’s Fish Farm, and Marine Campaigner said.

Bec Howarth, ecologist, Tasman Peninsula local, and mother has joined Bob Brown Foundation as the Fish Farm and Marine Campaigner. A Country Women’s Association branch president, volunteer firefighter, and long-time volunteer in her local community suffering from industrial salmon expansions. Bec is dedicated to advocating for places like Storm Bay, “Over 900 hectares of approved leases are allocated for fish farming already in Storm Bay. Expansion in Storm Bay will place industrial polluting feedlots next to the much-loved Iron Pot lighthouse, the gateway to Hobart, spreading to Bruny Island and the Tasman Peninsula, less than 12km from globally famous Shipstern’s Bluff. These are our favourite surfing, fishing and sailing spots, and they’re Tasmania’s public waters,” Bec Howarth said.

“The ocean covers 71% of planet Earth and plays a crucial role in sustaining all life. However, overfishing, pollution, and climate emergency are placing ocean ecosystems under extreme stress. In the current climate and biodiversity crises the health of oceans are critical for mitigating catastrophic impacts,” Bec Howarth said.

“Here in Tasmania, the floating feedlots operated by the Salmon barons have contaminated world heritage ecosystems like Macquarie Harbour, treasured local waterways in the Huon and D’Entrecasteaux. The pending destruction of Storm Bay and Tasmania’s north -west are next on their agenda. Our environment and local communities have suffered from immeasurable marine debris in our waters and along our beaches, algal blooms, rubbish, and seal abuse,” Bec Howarth said.

“We want outcomes that deliver protection for the marine environment including halting the mega expansion, reverse the greed driven invasion of public commons with polluting factory feedlots and stop the killing of marine wildlife” Bec Howarth said.

“We are here to rescue the oceans, rivers, and coastline from the Salmon barons. We know that Tasmanians care deeply for their island, wild oceans and coast, and its wildlife. Generations of Tasmania treasure the wonder and beauty of Tasmania’s environment and people move here for it. Wealth comes from a healthy environment without dead zones, fecal pollution from factory farms with dubious certification and non-existent regulations,” Bec Howarth said.

“Tasmania’s wild nature currently being plundered by industrial salmon supports unique marine life found nowhere else in the world and this is worth fighting for. We want the Tasmanian community to know, we’ve got your back. We will be advocating for the protection of oceans, coastlines, riverine ecosystems, and wildlife that are suffering under the industrial salmon regime,” Bec Howarth said.

“Bob Brown Foundation brings with it a feisty, vigilant, and action-oriented reputation and we are here to rescue Tasmania’s waters from the toxic salmon crisis. I am really looking forward to continuing to work with the Tasmanian community and I want to encourage everyone to redouble their efforts in protecting our precious coasts,” Bec Howarth said.

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  • Anna Rosina Triebel
    commented 2021-10-22 10:40:41 +1100
    To Bec Howarth
    Dear Bec,
    Can not attend your 26th of Oct. seminar (I am in Melbourne)
    However I would like to hear all about it.E mail? Phone?
    0479 140 087 [email protected]
    I am very interested in your work.
    Kind regards
    Anna Rosina Triebel
  • Adam Burling
    published this page in Media Releases 2021-10-09 08:30:38 +1100