Media Release: Tasmanian Minister confronted by protesters at mine site

Bob Brown Foundation is sounding the alarm for the World Heritage value takayna/Tarkine as three destructive new mining operations are marching to destroy this incredible region.

Tarkine Defenders are today demonstrating at the controversial Riley Creek mine as Tasmanian Minister for mining and logging is on site.

A demonstration has been set up at the entrance to Venture Minerals’ Riley Creek mine site. A protester has attached herself to a barrel blocking the road to prevent access to the mine site

Mining company Venture Minerals iron ore strip mine at Riley Creek is the first of three highly contentious proposed mines in the World Heritage value takayna/Tarkine.

Proceeds from Riley Creek operation will fund the development of Pilbara-scale open cut mines in heathland and rainforest at Tarkine’s Mt Livingstone and Mt Lindsay.

“New mining development in takayna/Tarkine is threatening the tourism economy that this region could greatly benefit from. The Tarkine is of World Heritage stature. It has the potential to put NW Tasmania on the global map as a place of extraordinary wild nature, generating a wealth of jobs and opportunities in the process. Instead, the Tasmanian Government is backing the destruction of Australia’s largest temperate rainforests for Venture Minerals mines and MMG’s toxic waste dump", said Campaigns Manager Jenny Weber.

Venture Minerals proposed mines will create huge scars across the takayna landscape, and irreversible damage to habitats of many threatened and endangered species.

“For the past 22 days, we have been carrying out an urgent frontline campaign on MMG’s proposed acidic heavy metals tailings dam. Today we returned to Riley Creek, the site of long held protest campaigns since the mine was setting up".

"Minister Ley has the opportunity to end this destruction and declare a National Heritage Listing over takayna/Tarkine. Until then, our campaign will continue to stand in defence of this ancient landscape".


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  • D Davis
    commented 2021-06-10 08:34:54 +1000
    We should all be there to stop this destruction.
  • Adam Burling
    published this page in Media Releases 2021-06-09 14:33:26 +1000