Media Release: Barnett blitz is a pale mimic of Moscow - Brown.

‘green your vote’ gets under government’s skin.

Today’s tirade by logging minister Guy Barnett against Bob Brown Foundation is a pale mimic of tactics used to suppress democratic rights in Putin’s Moscow, Bob Brown said in Hobart.

“No doubt Barnett’s outburst has Premier Gutwein’s full backing. To be positive, it shows just how effective our ‘green your vote’ campaign is shaping up to be. It is good feedback.

The Gutwein government has tried to stop our peaceful forest protests, our legal right to be in the forests to run a marathon, our actions for the environment in the courts and now our legitimate right to take part in this election campaign. These tactics are a pale shade of Putin: don’t take up the public debate but take out your opponents.

The government knows it has lost public support for flattening and incinerating Tasmania’s wildlife and forests, so it is hell-bent on crushing our community-backed action calling it to account. That is what a democracy is about.

Regarding yesterday’s Mercury advertisement, it read ‘green your vote...’. Apparently, Barnett cannot tell the difference between a noun and a verb. If he read that as a vote for the Greens he was short-changing our message: we want Tasmanians to vote for any candidates, Greens included, who advocate an end to native forest logging and clearfell napalming of this island’s magnificent forests,” said Dr Brown.

“There was not a peep out of Barnett when the Exclusive Brethren drove around Salamanca in a previous campaign with huge billboards condemning the Greens.

Our advertising is powerful and has got under his skin. That’s why the government is calling ‘foul’. But a lot more is coming so they had better get used to it,” Brown said.

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