Media Release: Premier Gutwein creates Huon cry.

Premier Gutwein has his facts wildly wrong on the Wilson River Huon pine trove, Bob Brown, who pack-rafted down part of the river last month, said this afternoon.

“While there is a tiny reserve for Huon pines on Yellow Creek, an upper tributary of the Wilson River, the extensive Huon pine repository along the length of the main river and its larger tributaries, the Harman and Alfred, is unprotected as are the magnificent, ancient stands back from the Wilson River’s immediate banks.”

As the premier has been misinformed, probably because of his own woeful underfunding of the Parks and Wildlife Service. I will seek to meet him in coming days to show him exactly what is at stake and why the destructive mining operations proposed for the Wilson catchment should be abandoned while this area gets the World Heritage protection it deserves. This is a global treasure at stake and the government need to seriously get its facts right,” Brown said.

“The Wilson Arthur catchment to which the premier referred is geographical nonsense. The Wilson flows into the Pieman, not the Arthur. Its catchment is part of the Pieman River catchment. I will take along a simple map for his advisers to study,” Brown said.

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