Media Release: Police evict Forest Defenders from Swift Parrot nesting habitat

Bob Brown Foundation has carried out a two day frontline protest campaign in Tasmania’s Eastern Tiers. Logging was halted for two days in nesting habitat of the critically endangered Swift Parrot.

Tasmania Police this morning evicted a group of citizens who halted the logging of forests where Swift Parrots have been observed and nesting habitat is being logged, predominantly for woodchips.

The Foundation will tomorrow host a demonstration on Hobart’s Parliament lawns to call on Premier Gutwein to immediately halt all logging in Swift Parrot habitat and protect all their breeding habitat in secure conservation reserves.

“It’s a global atrocity that the Australian and Tasmanian governments are choosing to destroy habitat for the critically endangered Swift Parrot. When governments fail to act for wildlife protection and forest conservation in this age of climate and biodiversity emergency, we will take action on the frontline to defend these forests,” the Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“What we are witnessing in the native forests behind Freycinet National Park is the ongoing relentless removal of habitat for the Swift Parrot. It is this logging that has meant we have just hundreds, not thousands of the fastest parrot in the world left in the wild. It is criminal that the governments continue to sanction this logging and push the Swifties to extinction,” Jenny Weber said.

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