Media Release: Leaked photos show rogue salmon industry's wild fish bycatch

Bob Brown Foundation has obtained photographs of hundreds of wild fish languishing and dying in a Tasmanian salmon farm. According to the source, the wild fish have become stuck in the nets then died during the bathing process. The Foundation has been informed that this is a regular occurrence.

"The salmon industry is not authorised to take these fish from the wild and so this is yet another example of why this environmentally unsustainable industry must not expand, not a single pen more in our waters. This is a failure by the Tasmanian government to regulate effectively and a failure to protect our wild marine life," said Bob Brown Foundation Fish Farms and Marine Campaigner Bec Howarth.

Bob Brown Foundation has been informed that the wild fish in the photographs, which include mackerel, herring, leatherjacket and butterfly gurnard, swim into the salmon pens and get stuck in there as they grow. They die during the bathing process and from suffocation from being out of the water.

"If a Tasmanian recreational or commercial fisher is caught with fish they are unauthorised to take they face extremely heavy fines, demerit points, loss of license, equipment and even jail. So why isn’t this level of scrutiny extended to the salmon industry? We are calling on the Tasmanian government to hold the salmon industry accountable and investigate this unauthorised activity. This proves that this environmentally unsustainable industry is rogue and must not be allowed to expand and impact our marine life further. I have written to the Premier to inform him of this issue and asked him what he is going to do about it," said Bec Howarth.

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  • Adam Burling
    published this page in Media Releases 2021-12-08 11:25:06 +1100