Media Release: Tarkine under increased logging assault – new protest camp established

New logging has been discovered in takayna / Tarkine after a week of protests in another rainforest area ended with ten Tarkine Defenders arrested and Premier Gutwein failing to act to protect the forests.

Tarkine Defenders have established a new blockade camp in forests north of the Pieman River after discovering recently commenced clearfelling of old growth forests. The area is identified by Sus Timbers Tasmania as coupe BO092C and they describe the forest as having tall Eucalyptus Obliqua forests, callidendrous and thamnic rainforests, potential for giant trees and plans to remove five hundred ferns. The Dicksonia antarctica, is a tree fern that can live to 500 years old and is just one of the ancient species in this forest that will be destroyed by this logging assault.

A treesit occupation with many Tarkine Defenders on the ground has been established in the forests to highlight the ongoing logging of ancient rainforests and tall eucalypts. These forests are habitat for the endangered Tasmanian Devil, Spotted-tailed Quoll and eastern Quoll, Grey Goshawk and Masked Owl.

“Tasmania’s Government has launched a new assault on Australia’s largest temperate rainforest. While millions of Australians have been suffering a summer of climate emergency impacts, Tasmania’s Government has been planning to increase greenhouse gas emissions and destroy globally significant ecosystems. Now the community will keep mobilising to carry out defiant non-violent direct action to defend the Tarkine’s forests from logging,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

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