Media Release: Bob Brown Foundation Announces Campaigners to Safeguard the Antarctic.

Bob Brown Foundation is taking a robust approach to protect the Antarctic with two new campaigners; Alistair Allan and Carola Rackete. These new positions will enable Bob Brown Foundation to extend its campaigning beyond Australia to protect the world's greatest wilderness area, Antarctica and its ocean. The impetus for BBF’s expansion to include an Antarctic campaign was a bequest from the late scientist and environmentalist Dr Louise Crossley, the second Australian woman to lead an Antarctic station.

"In this age of climate emergency and extinction crisis, what happens to Antarctica affects all 8 billion people on the planet. Operating out of the Antarctic gateway of Hobart, we aim to challenge the multiple threats to Antarctica and to pursue its rightful status as the world’s premier natural World Heritage property", said Bob Brown.

Alistair Allan has campaigned for the Antarctic with Sea Shepherd for many years and will now lead the BBF campaign from Hobart. With a strong focus on Australia's close links the Antarctic, the initial campaign Alistair will be involved in is calling for the immediate halt to the construction of the Great White Continent's first concrete runway, near Australia's Davis base.

Mr Allan said, "The Antarctic and its oceans are a unique wilderness that deserves unique protection. This campaign will call upon the Australian public and Government to recognise our duty to become environmental champions for the Antarctic, not villains."

"The 2.7km long, monstrous runway that the Australian Government proposes to construct will increase humanity's disturbance footprint in the Antarctic by a whopping 40%. It will also cause major negative impacts to nearby penguin and seal colonies. I am confident that the Australian public does not want this environmental disaster on their hands.

Carola Rackete spent eight seasons in the Antarctic, working for the German and British polar research institute and Greenpeace. She holds a master's degree in nature conservation and is based in Europe and will work on an international campaign to develop new approaches to guarantee the long term protection of the Antarctic and its wildlife.

Ms Rackete said, "The Antarctic continent and the Southern Ocean are important for the stability of our planet's climate and therefore directly linked to the future of all living beings on this planet. The region's unique wildlife will not be able to adapt on a heating planet, which is why we have to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions and protect wildlife from industrial exploitation.”

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  • David Greenwood
    commented 2020-12-11 01:28:25 +1100
    where can I sign the petition, I’m in Greece