Tasmania’s notorious clearfelling, burning and woodchipping of its globally rare native forests has been exposed as illegal. While the government has conceded this has been the case for decades, they are allowing the logging to continue.

Bob Brown Foundation has today escalated their forest protests, simultaneously shutting down the logging in three locations.

“Forty citizens have halted logging today in the critically endangered Swift Parrot Eastern Tiers forest habitat, the old-growth forests 3km south of Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair World Heritage Area and the renowned Great Lakes area of the central highlands. We are highlighting the mass-scale destruction of native forests across Tasmania which must be ended,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber said.

“We are halting the logging today as the government has failed to do so. An immediate halt to the logging across Tasmania is more urgent with the new admission by the logging minister of its illegality. Out here in these forests, we are witnessing the demolition of hollow-bearing old-growth trees and the flattening of vast tracts of native forests that are home to rare and endangered wildlife like the Wedge-tailed Eagle, Masked Owl, Tasmanian Devil, Eastern Quoll and Swift Parrot.”

“Instead of covering up a giant bungle that exposes the rot in the state’s native forest logging industry, Tasmania can lead the world by protecting and restoring all native forests, which is vital to restraining global warming,” Jenny Weber said.

"This situation is a complete mess of the minister’s own making. It should never have happened. What it does show is that in the last 37 years, people who have protested in Tasmania's forests have been defending them from illegal logging. They've been upholding the law, just like the people in the forests today are," said Bob Brown.

"I call on the Labor party and the Upper House members to reject any retrospective legislation around this illegal logging if the government brings it in. I know where the Greens stand – they are on the right and honourable side of this – but it's now going to be up to the Labor party and every member of the Legislative Council to look at the legislation which the minister for logging says he's bringing in and to reject it," said Bob Brown.

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