Media Release: Adani Watch - new project documenting global misdeeds of Adani group

Bob Brown Foundation establishes AdaniWatch to report on corporate giant’s controversies in India, Indonesia, Myanmar and Australia.

The Bob Brown Foundation has established a project, which includes a new website, to report on the global controversies in which the Adani Group is entangled.

AdaniWatch ( went live today, with stories about Adani’s dealings in India, Myanmar and Indonesia. Veteran Tasmanian environmentalist, Geoff Law, heads Adani Watch as it editor.

"While most Australians have heard of Adani’s proposed coal mine in Queensland, they would be unaware of the group’s other activities across the globe," said Adani Watch editor Geoff Law.

"The Adani Group is a conglomeration of companies engaged in a vast array of businesses around the world, including power stations, ports, palm oil, airports, defence industries, solar power, real estate and gas", Mr Law said.

"The group’s founder and chairman, Gautam Adani, is India’s second richest man and a close associate of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Accusations of corruption and environmental destruction have dogged Adani’s rise to power in the 21st century.

AdaniWatch aims to shine a spotlight on this company’s global misdeeds," concluded Mr Law.

AdaniWatch has content about:

  • Adani’s massive coal mine on a small island off the coast of Indoesian Borneo;
  • Adani’s involvement in palm oil, an industry responsible for destroying vast tracts of jungle in South-East Asia, including the habitat of orangutans;
  • Adani’s coal mines in forests that are the ancestral lands of India’s Gond people;
  • Adani’s proposals to expand its Indian ports, devouring wetlands, mangroves and the resources on which dozens of fishing villages depend;
  • Adani’s port development in Myanmar, which is based on an arrangement with a corporation owned by that country’s genocidal military;
  • Adani’s contrived and fragile business plan for transporting coal from its Queensland mine over 10,000 km across land and sea, past coal mines in India, in order to sell power to Bangladesh;
  • A string of other scandals and court cases in which the Adani Group is embroiled.

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