Media Release: Jeanette Fitzsimons, famed NZ Greens leader, dies.

Bob Brown: “We and the Earth have lost an inspiring friend!”

Former New Zealand Greens Co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons has died after a stroke. In Hobart, former Australian Greens leader and senator, Bob Brown, said that the world has lost one of the pillars of the global movement for political action in Earth’s environmental crisis.

“Our condolences go to Jeanette’s partner Harry, their family and her admirers in New Zealand and beyond. The world has lost a truly great environmental leader who was formative in New Zealand becoming a nidus of hope in this politically irrational world.”

“Jeanette had a magnificent intelligence and compassion. Her prescient leadership in political action on the climate emergency and preserving New Zealand’s natural realm will ensure her a special place in global environmental history. She matched this action for the environment with a deeply-held philosophy of social justice, peace and democracy.”

“Partner Paul Thomas and I last visited Jeanette and Harry at their home on the Coromandel Peninsula two years ago. Over tea, Jeanette was understating her role in generating a new environmental paradigm for humanity and I amiably roused on her and declared then and there her outstanding role in advancing environmental and social action for us all. Vale to a great Green who inspired millions more.”

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