Media Release: Giant Antarctic killing machine not welcome in Antarctica’s gateway city

Hobart’s and Australia’s reputation as a bulwark for the environment of Antarctica is at stake after the controversial killing machine, the Antarctic Aurora docks in Hobart today.

“Antarctica and sub-Antarctic oceans are complex ecosystems that need protection from longline fishing for toothfish. This ship is unashamedly on its way to plunder Antarctica’s marine ecosystem for private profit,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“We appealed through letters to the Prime Minister and Tasmanian Premier to urgently ban this Antarctic longline fishing ship from Hobart and all Australian ports. They have failed to prioritise the protection of the Great White Continent and its oceans,” Jenny Weber said.

“What happens in Antarctica has a critical impact on the global climate and Bob Brown Foundation is on the road to launch a campaign to fight for Antarctica’s protection from marauding ships such as the Antarctic Aurora. Its presence in Hobart will give us a good target to highlight the problems which continue to destroy the great southern Oceans wildness,” Jenny Weber said.

“The Antarctica Aurora is part-owned by former Japanese whalers. This longline ship has no place in Australian waters or any global oceans. Earth’s oceans are in urgent need of preservation of the remaining life left in them,” Jenny Weber said.

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