Media Release: Tyndall Range walk shaping up for elites.

Tourism Industry Council Tasmania’s CEO Luke Martin shows that his business bosses have elitism, not the preservation of Tasmania’s wilderness, in mind with his assertion that the taxpayer-funded $40 million walk in the Tyndall Range “will bring a whole new type of visitor to the West Coast”, Bob Brown Foundations Jenny Weber said today.

“This is another giant step to privatising and degrading Tasmania’s wilderness for the rich, with ordinary Tasmanians unable to afford the privatised guided walks. They do not have the average family in mind here,” Jenny Weber said.

“Meanwhile, there are 2000km of tracks in Tasmania’s National Parks that are derelict and lacking maintenance while the government featherbeds the rich. While our National Parks and Wildlife Service is severely underfunded, government handouts will sell off the public commons,” Jenny Weber said.

“With that $40 million, the Gutwein government could have funded the much longer and more diverse Trans Tarkine Track for the West Coast, as earlier proposed by Bob Brown Foundation, creating more jobs and with a wider spin-off for West Coast businesses,” Jenny Weber said.

“Our proposal has the added advantage of ensuring tourists could be hosted by Aboriginal rangers, bringing Aboriginal knowledge to the experience,” Jenny Weber said.

“If Premier Gutwein is serious about advancing the West Coast as an outdoors destination, which we back, he will accompany this track plan with making the Tyndall Range a national park and including it in the internationally-famous Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. That should be a given. This has been requested by the Tasmanian conservation movement since the 1970s,” Jenny Weber said.

“A wilderness impact statement of this proposal, including the two accommodation premises at the largely undisturbed Tyndall Range is required and should be released publicly,” Jenny Weber said.

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