Media Release: Logging in cave country under Mt Field condemned. 1,000 Tree Ferns and huge eucalyptus to be cut out.

The Bob Brown Foundation is demanding a halt to logging in the Florentine Valley under Mt Field.

‘This 31 hectares coup is on karst country with sinkholes and logging there is illegal under Forest Practices Code guidelines. This is magnificent Eucalyptus obliqua forest. Many trees have diameters of more than 4 metres and from 14 metres to 18 metres circumference. Protected, it would be a top tourism drawcard next to the Florentine Road. This forest contains rare and endangered species and, inevitably, glow worms and other cave biota,’ Bob Brown said today.

‘The minister has authorised 1,000 tree ferns to be ripped out of the coup: this beautiful forest is being obliterated for no good reason,’ Brown said.

‘I call on the Minister for Forests to make public his information on this karst country logging and how on Earth he decided it fits with the Forest Practices Code relating to karst protection. Because it doesn’t. Minister Barnett should produce the archaeological, geomorphological and zoological studies carried out in this fragile tall forest before logging began, if there are any,’ Brown said.

The logging coup, northwest of Maydena, abutts Lady Binney Forest Reserve which, in turn, borders the Mt Field National Park and World Heritage area

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