Media Release: Liberals mount two-pronged attack on peaceful forest protests in Tarkine.

Brown says Liberals-backed regulatory attack on effective protest now taken to federal political arena.

“In Senate estimates yesterday, the Liberals’ Senator Chandler goaded Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) chief Gary Johns, to target Bob Brown Foundation because we are actually MAKING A PEACEFUL STAND, through peaceful direct action, against the destruction of the Tarkine rainforest and wildlife. This political attack on our campaigns may well translate into the ACNC taking punitive action against our wilderness-defending foundation,” Bob Brown said today.

“It is a set up out of Eric Abetz’ camp,” he added.

Last week Senator Chandler joined Senator Abetz and other Tasmanian Liberal senators in an ill-conceived motion demanding our foundation cease all forest protest activities in Tasmania - a motion withdrawn after the Tasmanian Workplace Safety Regulator’s prohibition failed in the court.

“There is a concerted Liberals attack, combining Hobart and Canberra politicians, on our campaign to stop the ancient Tarkine rainforests from being serially destroyed to feed subsidised loggers like Malaysia’s Ta Ann corporation. All this in a global extinction crisis, at the heart of which is deforestation.

The Liberals hate that we are being effective, as the plight of the Tarkine and other wild Tasmanian forests and wildlife is rapidly gaining national and international traction. This is what saved Tasmania’s now-celebrated Franklin River which would have long since been dammed had politicisation of non-environmental regulators been employed back then.

The foundation is seeking top legal advice against the third attack on us - with the threat of a $50,000 fine - by Tasmania’s Workplace Safety Regulator who, meantime, has failed to respond to genuine calls by unions to vet unsafe workplaces in the state."

Senator Chandler speaking in Senate estimates.


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