Media Release: Protests continue in Tarkine rainforest after nine conservationists arrested in four days

The ongoing Tarkine protest enters its fourth day with Dr Lisa Searle on a tripod at the entrance to the contentious logging coupe and more Tarkine Defenders attached to logging machinery in the rainforest.

"The logging of these ancient rainforests right now is shocking to many Australians who want the protection of the Tarkine and a halt to biodiversity loss and climate-destroying logging," Bob Brown Foundations Jenny Weber said.

"Biodiversity loss needs to be reversed and the disappearance of ancient ecosystems needs to be prevented. We are living through two crises, an accelerating climate emergency, and rapid biodiversity loss. To be losing an ancient rainforest in Australia’s largest tract of temperate rainforest is damaging the climate and will contribute to biodiversity collapse,"

"There are endangered Tasmanian Devils in these forests and a globally rare tract of ancient rainforest. We are witnessing a tragedy here as the loggers destroy this ecosystem. We are defiant defenders and will not stand by without taking non-violent action to defend these ancient forests," said Dr. Lisa Searle, currently sitting atop a tripod in the contentious Que River rainforests.

"Climate change has been and will continue to be exacerbated by biodiversity loss and ecosystem decline. Escalating destruction and degradation of Tasmania’s native forests like is currently happening in these Tarkine rainforests will increase greenhouse gas emissions and make the climate change crisis ever more challenging," Jenny Weber said.

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