If the Adani coal mine goes ahead, a peaceful protest convoy from around Australia will converge on Queensland’s Galilee Basin before the federal election, the Bob Brown Foundation announced today.

Foundation organizers are waiting to see if Adani gets final environmental clearance before finalising plans.

‘The Federal Liberal and Queensland Labor governments should not be ticking off on this environmentally disastrous project. It is a litmus test for common sense in this age of global heating,’ Bob Brown said today.



‘The Adani mine is not the only coal mine, but it is the epitome of all that is wrong with politics globally in this era of growing environmental and social dislocation, including mass extinctions,’ Brown said.

‘The convoy offers a citizens’ response to billionaire Adani’s greed, arrogance and disdain for our planet which, alone, sustains humanity and all of life.’

‘We are scheduling the convoy for April-May if the mine gets final approval. Citizens from around the nation will join and travel together in convoy, with a vanguard of electric vehicles, to the mine region west of Mackay. If circumstances permit, we will travel back to Canberra for a final public get-together in May.’

‘I will be coming up from Hobart. Everyone who comes will be responsible for themselves. There will be a vanguard of electric vehicles. Our foundation has picked up a palpable public eagerness for this to go ahead. Already 800 people have indicated they want to take part. We expect Canberra may be empty pre-election and look forward to helping boost the economy there.’

‘Our aim is to have political parties and candidates commit to stopping the mine using the power the Australian electorate gives them. This is a vote-galvanising environmental issue like no other since the Franklin Dam controversy in the run to the 1983 election. It is going to be huge.’


Further information: Jenny Weber, 0427 366 929

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  • Terry Buttsworth
    commented 2019-02-06 18:29:51 +1100
    That this mine has even got this far is a national disgrace. Make sure the convoy comes our way at Port Macquarie