Media Release: Premier should stop promoting Chinese state-owned company push to destroy Tarkine

Protesters return to contentious rainforest for second action in one day.

Bob Brown Foundation calls on Premier Gutwein to stop promoting the highly controversial move by the Chinese state-owned miner MMG to flatten hundreds of hectares of Australia’s largest intact rainforests for a heavy metals tailings dump when the company has other viable options that will not cost a rainforest. A second group of protestors has entered the contentious Helilog road in Tasmania’s north-west and blocked a gate to the site. Painter and decorator Lawrie Rastall chained to a gate to halt access to clearing and roadworks and has been arrested.

Earlier this morning a protest shut down road building destruction for the proposed MMG toxic tailings dam. Retired doctor John Barrenger (65) and Animal Liberation Tasmania president Kristy Algar (40) were arrested after being locked onto an excavator being used to push roads into the proposed heavy metals tailings waste dump site.

"I am here to protest for Tassie's native forests. The destruction has gone too far and must stop now," said Mr Rastall.

Sixty-one people arrested over the past 49 days.

"MMG and the Government must be seeing that there is no social licence for this proposed destruction. MMG should abandon this fool's errand and pursue less destructive options outside takayna/Tarkine,” said Bob Brown Foundation takayna/Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“Tasmania’s Minster Barnett has today overinflated the supposed risk if federal environmental approvals are not granted for the proposed tailings dump by Chinese state-owned miner MMG. Minister Barnett and our Tasmanian Environment Minister Roger Jaensch have written to Federal Environment Minister to advocate for the mining and logging industry. It appears Jaensch has lost the meaning of Environment Minister when advocating for ongoing removal of rainforests, native forests and endangered species habitat,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber said.

"MMG has other options that are viable for their storage of tailings waste that will not cost a rainforest. MMG have made a mistake in the past with their planning for storing waste and need to fix it without demolishing hundreds of hectares of Australia’s largest temperate rainforests and endangered species habitat

It is Premier Gutwein and his government who are increasing risk for prospective investors in Tasmania’s clean and green brand by promoting this monstrous project by MMG that would flatten globally significant rainforests for a heavy metals tailings dump. MMG has other options and need to move out of takayna/Tarkine today,” Jenny Weber said.

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