Media Release: Company eroding, not protecting, wilderness.

The Tasmanian Walking Company Foundation launched today should begin by honouring the concept of wilderness, Bob Brown Foundation said today.

“Mr Godfrey’s company cannot have it both ways: eroding the pure wilderness for which Tasmania is so famous while at the same time claiming charitable commitment to protecting it,” Bob Brown said.

“The company says its charity will promote ‘innovative programs that restore balance to threatened ecosystems while protecting vulnerable native animals and promoting sustainable use of wilderness areas.’ However, the invasion of national parks and World Heritage wilderness with helicopter-serviced luxury buildings - his concept of ‘sustainable use’ - destroys wilderness and wildlife habitat values. If it was promoting protection rather than profiteering from wilderness there would be more integrity in the proposal,” he said.

“Mr Godfrey would be more credible if he dropped the secrecy and revealed his applications to government for resorts in Tasmania’s national parks. Transparency would be a good beginning.”

“Our foundation has told Mr Godfrey it welcomes his support for the Tarkine being handed back to the Aboriginal community and being nominated for the World Heritage status it deserves. However, this welcome is not at the expense of protecting other wilderness areas from his invasive plans.”

“We have given Mr Godfrey a list of wild and scenic places where, with the purchase of freehold land, he could develop excellent tourism facilities.”

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