Media Release: Hundreds rally to support Tarkine defenders as third person arrested in forests

Today hundreds gathered at the office of the Tasmanian Premier in support of Tarkine defenders. At the same time the third person today was arrested after attaching themselves to logging machinery then charged with trespass and wilfully obstructing a police officer.

“A third person was arrested today in Tasmania’s ancient rainforests, another brave soul representing the majority of people who want to see the Tarkine protected. Our Hobart rally today has made us even more committed to action. While logging continues in the Tarkine there will be protests," Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said today.

"The hundreds of people who turned out today in Hobart called on Premier Gutwein to take real climate action and protect takayna / Tarkine. There is community support for the end of native forest logging in Tasmania. In this climate emergency we cannot afford to lose more native forests," said Jenny Weber.

“Our Foundation has been carrying out non-violent direct action in these Que River rainforests since Sunday afternoon, Tarkine Defenders have been making a brave defiant stand on the frontline. Police assisted logging was carried out in the rainforests in the Que River yesterday afternoon and the defiant Tarkine Defenders were back in the forests today to protect the ancient ecosystems,” Jenny Weber said.

“Tasmania’s Government is committing a climate crime right now in Australia’s largest temperate rainforest. We are calling on Premier Gutwein to act now and to end this horrific industry which is trashing some of the world's greatest treasures, our wild forests," said Jenny Weber.

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