Media Release: Adani name change won’t change infamy: Brown.

‘Save us from Bravus’

“The Adani corporation’s name change in Australia from ‘Adani’ to ‘Bravus’ won’t improve its global reputation for being an environmental monster in this age of climate emergency and extinction crisis,” Bob Brown said in Hobart today.

“A new anti-Adani slogan is ‘SAVE US FROM BRAVUS,” he said.

“This must be humiliating for Gautam Adani, the multi-billionaire owner of the mine works in Central Queensland. He is admitting that his name is poison for the public and potential investors alike.”

“Yet he doesn’t get it. It is a game change, not a name change, that is required - and that means stopping his mine and getting out of dirty, polluting coal altogether. That would take an integrity which Adani by any name, from Goa to the Galilee Basin, lacks. The public will think even less of Adani for this failed bit of window dressing en route to his Queensland mine becoming a stranded asset,” Brown said

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