Media Release: Five Tasmanian forest defenders appear in Hobart court

Five forest defenders involved in non-violent actions protesting the destruction of Tasmania’s native forests, including rainforests in takayna / Tarkine, faced Hobart Magistrates Court today. Three had their cases dealt with this morning, with two still to be heard this afternoon.

Charges related to protests at the Sustainable Timbers Tasmania office in Hobart, defending the ancient forests of takayna / Tarkine and Wentworth Hills from logging and protesting at the Ta Ann Smithton mill. Dr Lisa Searle received a $1000 fine, Atalaya Ferrari was fined $400 and Dr Colette Harmsen $1000.

"I am a veterinarian dedicated to protecting wildlife habitat in Tasmania. Sustainable Timber Tasmania and Ta Ann are driving wildlife habitat destruction in Tasmania. I want all native forest logging to cease immediately. Ongoing native forest logging continues despite decimating habitat for many species of endangered wildlife.

“Ongoing loss and degradation of fauna habitat, especially clearing of high-value conservation forest, is one of the most significant threats driving fauna extinctions in Australia. I am committed to protecting the animals in Tasmania's forests because their voices cannot be heard," said Dr Colette Harmsen.

"Bob Brown Foundation remains committed to continuing peaceful protests in defence of one of the greatest treasures Tasmania has, its native forests. takayna / Tarkine is a remarkable and ancient landscape that is being destroyed for rainforest furniture, the modern-day ivory, wasteful woodchips and cheap plywood produced by Borneo logging barons, Ta Ann. Today, these brave forest defenders had their time in court, representing the vast majority of Australians who want these places protected," said Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber.

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