Poll Shows Big Opposition to Cable Car Land Gift

‘It will be a lemon’: Bob Brown.

A ReachTEL poll of Tasmanian voters this week shows 2:1 opposition to the cable car proponents’ free use of land on top of kunanyi / Mt Wellington.

The poll, commissioned by the Bob Brown Foundation, was taken on Wednesday night, before the Hodgman government endorsed orders to the proponents to cease work on the contentious land. The poll questioned 1,188 Tasmanians as follows:

‘The state government has allowed the private developer of the proposed cable car to operate on five hectares on top of kunanyi / Mt Wellington free of charge.

Do you support or oppose giving the developer access to the land for free?’

The result was unequivocal. 58.2% of respondents were opposed and only 32.9% in favour, with 8.8% unsure. Opposition was notably higher amongst women. Liberal voters favoured the developers’ deal 5:4 but there was overwhelming opposition amongst voters for all other parties.

“This is curtains for Premier Hodgman’s belief that allocating prime protected public lands to the cable car developers would be popular. Tasmanians, by a 2:1 majority are telling Hodgman to back off from handing away the top of our iconic mountain,” Bob Brown said today.

A second question will also give the developers little glee. Most Tasmanian are not prepared to pay the sort of ticket prices likely if the cable car were to go ahead. Tasmanians were asked ‘what is the most you would pay for a single return trip on the cable car?’

16.4% said they would only use it if free. 34.5% said they would pay, at most, $10 and 29.2% said $20 - well below expected ticket prices. Only 13.6% would pay $40 or $50 to ride the cable car.

“If these results hold, the cable car will be a lemon,” Bob Brown said.

Residents opposed to the project are holding a rally at the Cascade Gardens on Sunday at 11am.


Contact: Jenny Weber, 0427 366 929



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