Media Release: Forest protest in Tasmania’s Styx valley as government continues illegal logging

Bob Brown Foundation is holding protests across Tasmania this week to call for a halt to logging which it believes to be illegal. Now that Premier Gutwein has resigned, the Minister responsible for destroying Tasmania’s forests needs to halt the logging and tell the public the truth.

“Today, we have stopped logging in the Styx valley. We are in a logging zone where 4,000 tree ferns are going to be ripped out of this ecosystem. It beggars belief that these hundred-year-old Tasmanian tree ferns (Dicksonia antarctica), Gondwanic remnants from a time when dinosaurs walked the Earth, are still being removed for people's gardens,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“The Eucalyptus regnans in these forests are also hundreds of years old. These Styx forests that are being demolished are losing ancient trees which hold massive amounts of carbon in their trunks, branches, leaves, roots and the soil around them.”

“These trees, when left standing, support biodiversity, endangered species and wildlife habitats from their roots to their crown.”

“Letting existing native forests with these massive, ancient trees grow is essential to meeting any climate goals we have.”

“Logging these native forests is a climate and wildlife crime. Illegal logging in Tasmania needs to stop and we are putting all native forest logging under scrutiny with our frontline actions,” Ms Weber said.

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  • Adam Burling
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