Media Release: Tarkine Defenders return to forest and arrested

Two Tarkine Defenders have this morning attached themselves to logging machinery in a Tarkine rainforest where contentious logging is happening. They now have been arrested.

‘Tasmania’s Tarkine rainforests are the largest temperate rainforests in Australia. They are globally unique ecosystems that have survived ice ages, contributed to global rain patterns, and sequester huge amounts of carbon. Logging these forests in an age of climate emergency and an extinction crisis is environmental madness,’ Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

‘Tasmania’s logging industry claims that this current logging is ‘selective’ and ‘sustainable’ are attempts to greenwash ancient rainforest destruction. Despite the police assisted logging of these rainforests, Tarkine Defenders will continue to highlight through non violent direct action that this logging needs to stop,’ Jenny Weber said.

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