Media Release: BBF uncovers more illegal activity by MMG at proposed takayna tailings dam site.

Bob Brown Foundation has written to the Minister for the Environment detailing further illegal activity by MMG ahead of this Friday’s decision on whether their roading and drilling works will require Commonwealth assessment under the EPBC Act. The works uncovered include marking out of drill sites and test pit sites not yet authorised by the Minister.

This is the third occasion that MMG has breached regulations in six months. In July MMG was forced to cease work on roading for drilling access after BBF uncovered that no permits existed. In October BBF uncovered that MMG had applied for a mine lease that it was not legally entitled to and was subsequently withdrawn by the Minister for Resources. Seventy one people were arrested between May and July 2021 while preventing MMG’s illegal works.

“MMG seems to think it can do as it pleases, and unfortunately having an Environment Minister who has refused to prosecute them will only reinforce that belief," said Bob Brown Foundation takayna/Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“For the third time now it is Bob Brown Foundation and citizen scientists uncovering MMG’s breaches, not the departments charged with regulating MMG’s activity

We are calling on the Minister to refuse the application before her from this company that clearly cannot follow simple rules, and to prosecute MMG for this and previous breaches of the EPBC Act," said Mr Jordan.

On Sunday evening Bob Brown Foundation re-established their blockade to prevent MMG’s destruction of rainforest and melaleuca forest for this obscene tailings dam.

The marked out areas include habitat for threatened species such as Spotted tailed quoll, Tasmanian devil and areas where Masked owl soundings have been recorded.

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