Logging advocate apologises to Bob Brown

Pro Tamar Valley Pulp Mill (PTVPM) advocate Brett Lucas has made a written apology to Bob Brown for breaching Tasmania’s laws against discrimination.



At a conciliation conference with Bob Brown at the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal of Tasmania on Friday, in which Mr Lucas was represented by Brisbane barrister Gillian Dempsey, he hand-wrote:

‘I apologise for the material that I posted on the Pro Tamar Valley Pulp Mill page regarding Dr Bob Brown’s sexuality.’

Ms Dempsey is an expert in defamation and injurious falsehood. Brown was unrepresented. 

After engaging Ms Dempsey, Mr Lucas had boasted on the PTVPM site that ‘chances are this case will escalate to the High Court’ and said he would not apologise, describing an apology as ‘NO GO’.

Mr Lucas has also removed the illegal material from the PTVPM site.

“I am pleased he heeded Ms Dempsey’s advice, apologised and agreed that apology be made public,” Brown said today.

“While I have broad shoulders, this case underscores the importance of the law in deterring homophobic bigotry which is so destructive to young people grappling with their sexuality.”


Further information: Steven Chaffer 0408 855 261



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  • B J Head H K Vand
    commented 2017-12-04 18:21:42 +1100
    Obviously written on the rush. No ‘Dear’ or ‘Kind regards’