Media Release: Bob Brown defies attack

In a new attack from the Gutwein bureaucracy, Bob Brown Foundation has been threatened with a $50 000 fine if it does not comply with demands from the Tasmanian Workplace Safety Regulator, Mark Cocker, by the end of this month. (See below)

“We are not complying,” the defiant Bob Brown told media in Hobart today.

“This is Premier Gutwein’s bureaucracy being misused as a political weapon for the logging and rainforest destruction industry. Gutwein can’t win the public argument for needlessly destroying the ancient Tarkine rainforest and its wildlife. So he and the loggers are conniving to take our community of forest defenders out,” Bob Brown said.

“We will get legal advice. Weirdly, Mark Cocker wrote to the Foundation last Thursday and ended by saying ‘I wish you and your organisation well in your future endeavours', " Bob Brown said.

WorkSafe Tasmania notice

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