In a case that made a landmark finding that Tasmania’s public forests are open for public access, despite Forestry Tasmania misleading environmentalists that permission was needed for access, Bob Brown Foundation has today been vindicated in our challenge to Forestry Tasmania’s attempts to stymie our annual takayna Trail marathon in 2021.

Bob Brown Foundation lost its appeal bid in court today with one judge dissenting. The appeal sought to have Forestry Tasmania pay the costs of legal action in February 2021 - required to clear the way for our 2021 takayna / Tarkine marathon – paid by Forestry Tasmania. The dissenting judge slammed Forestry Tasmania’s actions as “a deception” and its conduct as “egregious”.

The word “egregious” means “outstandingly bad or shocking”.

“Today, Forestry Tasmania’s action has been labelled a “deception” by a Supreme Court judge, a descriptor felt by many who have witnessed this island’s wipe out of large swathes of its mighty ancient native forests locked behind gates so the logging machines can plunder, over many decades at the hands of this government’s logging agency,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber said.

“Last year, we won our case in the Supreme Court, which found that Forestry Tasmania could not deny us access to public forests. That decision still stands. Today, a Supreme Court judge described actions of Forestry Tasmania as “steadfast in its deception on no defensible basis,” Jenny Weber said.

In the same week as the Tasmanian government gave millions to the logging industry, our environment group has to pay thousands to run a community event - our 2022 takayna trial marathon which the government’s logging arm tried, wrongfully, to stymie.

“Forestry Tasmania must be held to account, we challenged their conduct and won. Tasmania still has an appalling logging industry propped up by the Tasmanian taxpayer. Forestry Tasmania continues to log critically endangered Swift parrot habitat and woodchip ancient forests with endangered species habitat. As recently as last week, during a climate and biodiversity emergency, Tasmania’s government announced a taxpayer hand out to usher in native forests furnaces for electricity,” Jenny Weber said.

“We look forward to our fourth annual takayna Trail in late February with 140 runners dedicating their fundraising efforts and trail running skill to join the campaign calling for secure protection of Australia’s largest temperate rainforests and vast wild coastline of takayna / Tarkine,”

“This case has come at some financial cost to us, which we will shoulder as part of the price of taking on the enemies of nature and decency here in Tasmania,” Jenny Weber said.

“We will continue to stand up to the egregious and deceptive actions of Forestry Tasmania, whether in our courts or in Tasmania’s forests.”

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