Bob Brown has called out the PM Morrison’s signature on the COP26 declaration on deforestation calling it a ‘forest fraud.’

In Glasgow yesterday, Scott Morrison signed up to ‘halt and reverse forest loss and land degradation by 2030’. Today, forestry mouthpiece Minister Duniam said this did not amount to a ban on native forestry but was the opposite,” Bob Brown said.

“The PM is trying to deceive the public by signing up to a declaration he knows will do nothing to protect Australia’s native forests from industrial logging,” Bob Brown said.

“In fact, the Prime Minister and the logging industry are already spinning the declaration as permitting an increase in logging in Australia because our logging is ‘sustainable' compared with elsewhere in the world. There is no mention of biodiversity or species extinction. This declaration has tricky and deceptive language that is designed to mislead people,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“Morrison’s government and the logging barons are gloating that they can use this declaration as cover to continue demolishing native forests as the planet is heating and many rare and endangered species including, the Koala and the critically endangered Swift Parrot and Leadbeater’s Possum are being pushed to extinction by this destruction,” Jenny Weber said.

“Limiting global warming to 1.5°C requires fast climate action and deep emissions cuts that can only be achieved by tough actions in all sectors. Action is needed to lock in an immediate end to forest loss across Australia. The world’s forests serve as irreplaceable carbon sinks and biodiversity refuges, but, when logged and burnt, emit megatonnes of greenhouse gases.,” Jenny Weber said.

“COP 26 is headed for a massive disappointment for the people of the world. We are in an existential crisis, where humans are using almost two planets worth of living resources on a finite Earth. Here in Australia, we will keep taking action for the immediate end to native forest logging and deforestation alongside our fellow citizens who are standing up to halt fossil fuel expansion,” Bob Brown said.

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