From takayna / Tarkine where two citizens were arrested protesting today to the Parliament where the Government pushed through an illegal logging cover-up bill, it appears Tasmania is being governed for the native forest logging corporations and mining company MMG.

In takayna today, Kevin Vaughan (73) and Andrew Browne (69) were arrested after defending the ancient forests from mining company MMG’s plans to push in new roads and clear forests for a proposed heavy metals waste dump. All citizens in the area were moved on by Tasmania Police for 14 days.

MMG is a highly controversial mining company that is facing protests in Tasmania and Peru. The Chinese government-owned company has failed to evict protesters in Peru, at the Bambas mine site that has defiant opposition from indigenous groups.

“Looks like MMG has form. Bob Brown Foundation protesting in Tasmania and locals doing the same in Peru in spite of MMG trying to oust protesters,” Christine Milne, Environmentalist and Bob Brown Foundation Board Member said today.

“In Tasmania, Premier Rockliff’s first day of Parliament as Premier today was marked with protest for wild places, outside parliament and in ancient takayna / Tarkine,” Jenny Weber said.

“Protests in Tasmania are not solved by bringing in draconian anti-protest laws. We learnt today that the controversial anti-protests laws will be debated in parliament on Thursday. A safe and secure future for us all can be provided by protecting native forests, endangered species and takayna / Tarkine in this climate and biodiversity crisis,” Jenny Weber said.


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