Media Release: Tarkine ‘Morrison’s national forest test’

As forest defenders gather to ward off imminent destruction of old growth rainforest and its wildlife at Que River in Tasmania’s Tarkine, Bob Brown has invited the Prime Minister to do an inspection tour.

“Australia is in breach of the World Heritage Convention by sending the chainsaws in to this Gondwanan forest because it is obviously of World Heritage value. The convention requires a full evaluation of the World Heritage values, including the Tarkine’s rich Aboriginal heritage, before such damaging processes are allowed.”

“As guardian of Australia’s natural and cultural sites of World Heritage significance, Scott Morrison should intervene to protect the nation’s largest temperate rainforest until an honest appraisal of the 500,000 hectare Tarkine’s values is completed. This forest’s value as a carbon bank is a stand-alone reason for stopping the publicly-subsidised destruction.”

“If any Australians are to be arrested in this climate and extinction emergency, it should be those behind the destruction of the Tarkine forest,” Brown said.


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