Media Release: Richard Di Natale’s splendid career - Bob Brown

“Richard Di Natale has led Australia’s small but honourable politics of a ‘fair go’ through the ongoing meanness of Manus, Nauru, forest and wildlife destruction and more coal mines, as practised by the Coalition and Labor, former Greens leader Bob Brown said in Hobart today.

“Richard can be proud of his contribution to this nation’s wellbeing when the big end of town has ruled the other parties. He led the Greens to an increased vote in 2019, when both the Coalition and Labor lost ground. His Greens were the only party with the gumption to oppose the destructive Adani coal mine and more coal mines in general.”

“He is a hero of the Greens and has laid the foundations for the next leader to take the Greens to a record vote in 2022,” Brown said.

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