Media Release: Gutwein’s Styx reprieve

State government intervention has temporarily reversed Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s decision to close the Styx Valley for a logging operation this month.

“Parks and Wildlife Service reliably told tourists last week that Sus Timber Tasmania planned to close the road into the Styx Valley of the Giants in mid-August. The closure would be for weeks if not months,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber said today.

“We now have a rear-guard action by the government, Sus Timber Tasmania and Luke Martin to reverse the decision. It is temporary. Cable logging of this stunning tall forest roadside coupe is still Sus Timber Tasmania’s intention,” Jenny Weber said.

“The failure of the Minister and Tourism Tasmania to ensure local tourist operators were consulted shows up just how arrogant and out-of-touch they are,” Jenny Weber said.

“It appears Minister Barnett has been overridden,” Jenny Weber said.

“Now Premier Gutwein needs to call off the logging of this forest in TN034G and protect native forests across Tasmania from ongoing destruction, wildlife loss and greenhouse gas emissions,” Jenny Weber said.


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